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News & Updates

Minute To Win It!

Big fun for Valentine's Day in the Grand Auditorium! Alma College students came to visit and play MINUTE TO WIN IT with Residents of Masonic Pathways. These action-packed minute-long tasks were big fun for Residents and students alike. In honor of the holiday, the students also handed out beautiful red Valentine's carnations!
Have you ever tried picking up a bag from the floor with your teeth and placing it on a table? Not easy, but these students were up for the challenge.
How about placing a cookie on your forehead and using your face to wiggle it into your mouth...WITH NO HANDS!
Maybe your thing is moving Sweet Tarts from one plate to another using only a straw and your own inhaling lung power. Bob and Arnie were up for the challenge!
Think we're done? Au contraire! (That means "Nope. Not done yet" in French) We had the Marshmallow Bucket Toss, Paper Plate Marshmallow Flip and the Loop-de-loop Cup Stack. Alma College Students propelled bubbles through hoops using only the air in their lungs. Rexsidents and students did the mummy-wrap, and students held hands in a row, moving a hula-hoop from one end of the group to the other...without breaking tyheir chaain of hands.
All of these feats were accomplished without a net. Pretty impressive, huh?

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