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We offer individualized care with just the right services to support your active life. And most Importantly, as your healthcare needs change we’ll change with you.

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Grand Lodge of Michigan

Find current updates & latest news about Michigan Masons.

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Masonic Charitable Foundation

Join the Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation & begin to change lives through charity.

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Live Better At Home

Masonic Pathways launches a unique health and wellness program for Michigan Masons and Gratiot County citizens.

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Meet Our Executive Staff

The entire Executive Team is very much committed to the Mission, Vision and Values of the Michigan Masonic Home. They exemplify and promote the four customer service attributes (Nice, Helpful, Competent and Respectful), recently identified as the basis for taking the organization from “good” to “great”.

Mike Logan

Mike Logan

Chief Executive Officer

The Michigan Masonic Home Executive team is lead by Chief Executive Officer, Mike Logan. Throughout his 18 year career in senior living management, Mike has mentored and promoted the profession of senior services to multiple young professionals as a LeadingAge Academy coach, nursing home administrator preceptor and internship advisor. He has a BA and a Masters in Healthcare Administration, is a licensed nursing home administrator and a Certified Aging Services Professional.


Vicki Ritz Vicki Ritz
Chief Operating Officer
Todd Moeggenborg Todd Moeggenborg
Chief Finance Officer
Vicky Johnson Vicky Johnson
Chief Marketing Officer
Kim Campbell Kim Campbell
Executive Assistant
Sean Heibeck Sean Heibeck
Senior Director
Facility Services
Kari Conn Kari Conn
Senior Director
Laura Coe Laura Coe
Senior Director
Clinical Assessments
& Reimbursement
Patti Nowak Patti Nowak
Senior Director
Community Related
Andrew Reigger Andrew Reigger
Senior Director
Systems Analyst
Terri Cargill Terri Cargill
Senior Director
Human Resources
Adam Patrick Adam Patrick
Masonic Pathways
Health Care Center
Bobbie Sherlock Bobbie Sherlock
Masonic Pathways
Residential Services


2018-2019 Michigan Masonic Home 
Board of Trustees

David M. Hill, MWGM
Mark A. Manning RWDGM
David G. Boring, RWGT
John A. Stevens, President
Keith L. Wright, Vice President
Mike S. Roberts, Secretary
Daniel J. Toole
William R. Wagner
Thomas C. Garner
Delores F. Waldo
Raymond W. Francis
James A. White
Donald B. Ferguson
Jacques D. Green